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Spice Routes Collection 2016
This collection of Block printed designs are inspired by the 17th C. spice trade. Celebrating the use of spices in our culinary traditions and the great sea voyages that were made to bring them to Europe.
Spice Routes Cloves Cardamom BlackPepper
Spice Routes Cloves Cardamom Black Pepper
Vanilla Cloves cross Petrol Blue    
Vanilla Cloves cross    
Wild Habitats Collection - Forest 2014 / 15
The Endangered Animals print was cut from a single lino block. It features some of the most rare and endangered animals in a Rowan Tree. This forest like design printed as wallpaper or interior furnishings brings the outside inside and reminds us of our relationship to nature wherever we are.
Endangered Animals Endangered Animals Endangered Animals Endangered Animals
Endangered Animals   Contact us for a bespoke colourway
The Hazel block printed design is based on the Hazel tree a native of the British Isles. The Hazel is an important food source and shelter for animals and birds.
Hazel china blue Hazel repeat green Hazel repeat red
Hazel Repeat
Hazel Repeat
China Blue
Hazel Repeat
Hazel Repeat
Wild Habitats Collection - Seashore 2014 / 15
The Flood print is inspired by a Japanese wave design. It repeats endlessly like the sea.
Flood Flood Cerise Flood cushion Flood Sea Green
Flood Indigo Flood Cerise   Flood Sea Green
The Barnacle design came from looking at clusters of barnacles on rocks on the shoreline.
Barnacle Barnacle grey Barnacle teatowel  
Barnacle Blue Barnacle Grey    
Cultivate Collection 2014 / 15
Culitivate is a growing collection and I intend to add new designs over time.
Watch this space for more gardening inspired prints.
Appletreewick Original appletreewickblue Brown Hen Brown Hen
Appletreewick Original Appletreewick Blue Brown Hen on White or Blue
The 'Dear Green Place' design has four of the elements from the Glasgow Coat of Arms. The symbols form part of a story told of Saint Mungo the patron saint of the city.
Dear green place is a translation of the Gaelic word Ghlaschu or Glasgow.
dear green      
Dear Green Place 2013